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We are your trusted Brampton Denture Clinic, dedicated to helping you maintain a beautiful and functional smile. Each denture journey is unique, and we are here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

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Your path to regaining a confident smile typically involves the following key milestones:

1. Teeth Extraction: Your journey begins with the removal of teeth that require extraction to make way for your new denture. This crucial step ensures that your denture fits properly and provides a comfortable, functional solution.

2. Healing: The healing period varies depending on the number of teeth extracted. Your dental professional may provide you with temporary partial dentures, also known as immediate partial dentures, to support you during this phase. Your dentist will offer instructions to facilitate a smooth healing process.

3. The Mouth Impression: After your gums have adequately healed, your dentist will take a preliminary impression of your oral tissues, followed by a final detailed impression and a master cast model of your mouth. These steps are essential for creating dentures that fit perfectly.

4. Choosing Your New Teeth: Working closely with your dentist, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a range of tooth shapes, sizes, and colors. This selection will be tailored to accurately match your facial features and mouth. Consider involving a family member or friend to assist you in making this important decision. Once you and your dentist are satisfied with the shape, size, and color of your teeth, the final partial dentures will be crafted.

5. Initial Fitting: The moment you’ve been waiting for – the initial fitting of your new partial dentures. Your dentist will ensure that the dentures fit comfortably in your mouth. Any necessary adjustments will be made to guarantee a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

The Importance of Well-Fitting Dentures

With proper care, your partial dentures can last for many years. Over time, changes in the shape of your mouth may occur, or you may experience alterations as your mouth heals from tooth extractions. In such cases, your partial dentures may require rebasing or relining to maintain a secure and comfortable fit. Should you ever experience discomfort or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your dentist.

Regular Dental Exams

Remember that good oral health goes beyond teeth. It’s essential to visit your dentist regularly for oral health screenings, even if you no longer have any natural teeth. Dentistry on Main encourages you to have dental check-ups at least once a year to ensure that your partial dentures continue to provide a comfortable fit and that your overall oral health remains in excellent condition.

For comprehensive denture care and a commitment to your complete satisfaction, rely on Dentistry on Main, your trusted Brampton Denture Clinic. Regain your beautiful, confident smile – contact us today to schedule an appointment and begin your denture journey.

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