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Teeth Whitening Brampton

We are proud to offer the best teeth whitening services in Brampton, helping you achieve a dazzling smile that truly stands out. If you’ve ever wondered how some people maintain beautifully white teeth, wonder no more. We are here to make your smile transformation a reality.

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Why Choose Us for Professional Teeth Whitening?

The key to a brilliant smile isn’t found in off-the-shelf toothpaste or strips. When you choose Dentistry On Main for teeth whitening, you are taking a step towards achieving remarkable results. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Ehab Mentias, is committed to providing you with the personalized care you deserve.

Opalescence™ Boost™

For those looking to brighten their smiles quickly, Opalescence Boost is the perfect choice. Our in-office power whitener uses a chemically activated gel that delivers whiter teeth in just about an hour. The 40% hydrogen peroxide gel, known for its powerful formula, doesn’t require uncomfortable lights to activate. With two or three 20-minute treatments, you’ll notice instantly noticeable results. Opalescence Boost is the go-to option for those with stubborn stains or anyone preparing for a special event that demands a radiant, white smile.

Ready to experience the best teeth whitening Brampton has ever seen? Give Opalescence Boost a try at Dentistry On Main!

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Opalescence Go™

If you prefer teeth whitening on the go or an alternative to over-the-counter products, Opalescence Go is the solution for you. No lab time impressions or dental models are needed, making it a convenient choice. These whitening trays come pre-filled with the perfect amount of hydrogen peroxide gel to effectively whiten your teeth. Plus, their portable and discreet packaging ensures you can whiten your teeth at your convenience. When you choose Dentistry On Main for teeth whitening, you’re making a decision to enhance your smile safely and effectively. We’re here to address your unique dental concerns and goals, ensuring you receive the treatment that suits your needs best.