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A commonly asked question by patients is ” what to eat after wisdom teeth removal

The last decade has seen a dramatic rise in the number of people opting for tooth extraction over root canal surgery. Wisdom tooth removal is typically a fairly quick and painless procedure, with patients often leaving the dentist’s office with little more than some soreness.

The most important thing to remember after wisdom teeth removal is that you should eat a soft diet for up to 72 hours. Your dentist or oral surgeon will tell you how long the recovery process should take, but in general you shouldn’t have any problem eating anything as long as it is soft and not crunchy. Below, we have listed a summary of how you can plan your diet after

Day 1 – What to eat after wisdom teeth removal

This day is likely to be a bit uncomfortable for you, but don’t worry, the pain should subside in a few days. You’ll be back to your normal routine again in no time at all. The following are suggested foods that are recommended for eating after wisdom teeth removal:

Recommended Soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal:

These foods are considered to be best for eating after wisdom teeth removal because they are easy to chew and won’t hurt your mouth. They include ice cream, mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt.

-Jello: You can have a bit of Jello as it is soft and easy to eat.

-Berries: Berries are good for you because they’re full of antioxidants and they taste great.

-Soup: You can have a bowl of soup if you want because it is easy to eat and won’t hurt your mouth.

-Pudding, Fruit Yogurt, and Milk: Pudding is a good choice because it’s easy to eat.

Recommended Solid Foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal:

These foods are hard to chew but are still good for you because it will help your mouth heal faster. They include:


-pasta with tomato sauce



Avoid these foods after wisdom teeth removal

-Hard foods, such as apples and carrots or crunchy snacks like chips

-Hot foods, such as soup or chili

-Drinks with caffeine

Dentist’s Notes:

*Please note that some dentists may suggest that their patients do not eat anything solid for a few days after the surgery.

*You will want to avoid getting dry sockets after surgery so you’ll need to ensure you get enough liquid in your diet.

“*If you have a low-salt diet, any type of soup is an excellent option. It’s easy to digest and will help give your body the nutrients it needs.

*Oatmeal is a great choice because it’s easy to chew and will help speed up the healing process.

*Pasta with tomato sauce is also a good option if you want something that’s easy to chew.

*Cereal is another good option if you want something soft and chewy.”

*You will want to stay away from anything that could cause damage to your healing wisdom teeth.

Day 2 – 24 hours after surgery

Day 2: After 24 hours, you’ll be moving on to soft foods. It’s important to eat soft foods for the first few days after wisdom teeth removal and it’s really good that you’re eating soups and yogurt! In fact, you should be able to eat soft foods like yogurt, applesauce, and oatmeal. However if you experience any pain or bleeding at all after eating these items it is best to avoid any more of these soft foods. You will need a blender or food processor for any pureed foods and an electric mixer for homemade breads and muffins. You should stay away from any hard foods for a few days after your surgery.

Dentist’s Notes

*Avoid overly hot or cold items for at least the first week after your surgery.

*Day two is when you should start doing a salt water rinse.

*Broth is an excellent source of nourishment after dental surgery. Broth contains vitamins and minerals and has anti-inflammatory benefits. However, You’ll need to drink it either lukewarm or cold to avoid irritating the wound. It’s a great way to stay hydrated if you struggle to drink enough water.

Days 3 and 4 – Wisdom tooth removal surgery recovery

The third day, you can continue eating soft foods and ice cream! Macaroni and cheese is a great idea because it tastes delicious, but also gives you nutrition. You can also have eggs if you want, but make sure to limit the amount of raw fruit and vegetables because it might be a challenge to chew.

Dentist’s Notes:

Gums will still be sensitive on day 4, so be careful with food.

*Avoid super salty foods and spicy flavors.

*Eat small bites of solid foods, but don’t force yourself to eat more than you can handle.

*Macaroni, cheese and eggs are great additions to the recovery diet. They provide some nutrition and flavor, while still being easy to eat.

*It is best to limit the amount of raw fruits and vegetables. Try steaming them instead.

*Since you’ve got a mouth full of stitches, it’s likely that chewing will be a challenge.

*Continue to stay away from crunchy foods as they’ll be too hard on the incision site.

Day 5 – Last post-op day

Day five is the last post-operative day and most people should be able to resume their normal diet. Eating a healthy meal will help your body recover faster and reduce swelling in your mouth. Avoid chewing on the site of your extraction, as this may cause pain and slow down healing.

Dentist’s Notes:

*Avoid anything overly chewy after eating

Day 6 and beyond

Congrats! You’ve made it to day six after wisdom teeth removals. Chewing on one side of your mouth is a good way to feel the feeling back in your jaw and to get the saliva flowing again. For faster healing, it’s important that you start eating solid foods!

Starting day six, you may notice less sensitivity, swelling and it is easier to chew.

Day six and beyond, you will still want to be careful about what you eat and drink as you heal.


Listen to your dentist or oral surgeon

In the end, if you follow your Dentist’s or oral surgeon’s instructions you should recover quickly from wisdom teeth removal surgery. Before surgery, have a discussion with your doctor on developing a dietary plan that will ensure a healthy and speedy recovery.

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